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    Small Home Flaws That Are a Big Deal

    Home flaws are a pain to replace and can cost a lot of money. Before selling, make sure your home is free of any annoyances that may sway a buyer’s opinion.

    Small closets

    Closets are a big deal to the buyer – most people prefer more space. If the closet in the home you are showing is tiny, try to make it appear larger by de-cluttering as much as possible. Also, you can check out sites like for tips on how to make a small space appear larger.

    Bathtub or shower?

    Some want a bathtub, some want a shower – make sure to be aware of the needs of your client. Remember, remodeling is always an option!

     Ripped window screens

    Cedric Stewart, a real estate consultant at Keller Williams in the Washington, DC, area says, “They’re a pain for anyone to replace. Therefore, sellers don’t want to do it and buyers will insist that they do. If the sellers refuse to fix it, the buyers will demand a credit. This can be a major point of contention, and we’ve seen it delay progress before.” Nip this in the bud and get it taken care of before your buyer even steps foot in the home.

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