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How To: Prevent Pipe Bursting

It’s chilly out there! All over the United States, the temperatures have been at record lows. Nervous about your pipes bursting and the extra expenses that come with it? Check out these 5 tips to prevent any home disasters this winter.

Keep one or two faucets running slowly.

This is especially important at night when it is less likely that you will be running the water in your home. Moving water can prevent your pipes from freezing.

Seal places in your home – near the pipes – where cold air can get in.

Even a tiny opening can allow air into your home! Use caulk or insulation to keep the cold out – available here.

Direct warm air to colder areas of your home. 

Pipes that freeze tend to be located near an outside wall or window where it is coolest. Make your life easier by concentrating the heat on these areas. You might even consider purchasing a second heater.

Leaving for a while? Keep the heater on.

Though this might sound like a very bad (aka expensive) idea, if you leave for a while and turn the heat off in your home, you may return to pipes that have burst. The money spent on heating your home will not even compare to what you would have to pay a plumber, should something occur. If you own a home and have tenants, make sure to remind them of this tip as well.

Take advantage of heating tape.

For pipes that are easily accessible to you, consider purchasing heating tape in those colder months. Follow the tape’s instructions clearly and you should be able to apply it yourself without the help of a plumber or professional. Just remember to be careful, as these products may be dangerous!

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