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How To Declutter Your Garage

No one wants to do it, but everyone must at some point: facing the garage. Whether you’re going through spring cleaning or looking to sell your home, cleaning out the garage is a huge undertaking that you should prepare accordingly for.

Pay attention to the weather.

You need to be able to carry your belongings from the garage to the driveway, so make sure you choose a day with lots of sunshine. Have tarps on hand just in case of an unexpected storm. This way, nothing will get ruined and the process won’t be slowed down!

Ask hard questions.

Although purging is difficult, it can ultimately be made easier with a few questions:

“Do I really need this?”

“Am I willing to store it long-term?”

“When was the last time I used it?”

“Is it worth a lot of money?”

“Can it be easily replaced?”

Organize into sections.

It will be much easier for you to picture your garage organized if there is a place for everything. For example, create a section for holiday decorations, a section for books/awards, a section for sports equipment, etc. Once you have a plan, tackling your mess will seem much less daunting and there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Host a garage sale and donate what doesn’t sell.

Make sure your items are sorted, presentable and priced fairly. Label each item to avoid confusion. Before the sale, make sure to advertise and get the word out. A great site to use is If everything doesn’t sell, you can always donate! It’s a win-win.


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