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Essential Home Maintenance for Sellers

Looking to sell? Now is the most important time to keep up the maintenance of your home! Though it can be a lot of work, it will be more than worth it when you’re able to avoid major problems down the line. Plus, a well-maintained home always shows better!

Keep up the yard and walkways.

This one will be tough if the home is vacant. However, the first thing potential buyers see is the exterior of the property, therefore it is important to tend to it regularly! Make sure to mow the lawn, pick up dead tree branches and rake leaves, especially before an open house.

Clean the gutters and check the roof.

Overflowing gutters can damage the foundation of your home and cause drainage issues. Alise Roberts, owner at Alise Roberts and Company in Bellevue, WA said, “Buyers seeing the house when it’s raining will also see your gutters overflowing. That’s a terrible first impression.” As for the roof, double-check to make sure there are no cracks that water can infiltrate through. Kyle Hiscock of Re/Max Realty Group in Rochester, NY pointed out, “If water starts to penetrate a property, it can be a very difficult sale. Water in basements or in homes is one of the top three things buyers are scared of.”

Wash your windows.

If people are touring your home on a regular basis, the windows need to be sparkling clean 24/7. Dirty windows can be a real turn-off and may even deter a potential buyer from wanting to see the rest of the home.


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