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4 Pivotal Times to Visit Your Potential New Home

When scoping out a new home, timing is everything! Here are four times to pay a visit to your potential new neighborhood – you never know what you will learn that will make the transition easier.

Take a drive to work

Your morning and afternoon commute to work can make or break the location of your home. Find the easiest and most stress-free route and you’ll thank yourself later.

Is there a school nearby?

Even if you don’t have children, the school’s path might run in front of your home, causing chaos in the morning and evening hours. Do your research.

Get to know your neighbors

The best way to get acquainted with a new neighborhood is to meet the people who live there! Who knows, you might learn something important about parking or the best nearby hotspots.

Drop by during the holidays

The holidays are an exciting time. Why not drop by your potential new home to get an idea of what 4th of July barbecues or Christmas parties could be like there? Who knows, it may begin to feel more like home!


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